Saturday, 23 May 2015


The Mighty River Marsoot forms in the Hills of Arrantto and soon gathers enough flow and power to be a major transport route for the Northern Kingdoms trading with the southern twin cities of Grocken & Tamshaw.
But to get there it must flow through the Thraxian Boglands – a notoriously treacherous sump of a place. Here the unwary travel in danger and the dangerous prey on the unwary traveller.
It's not always been like that, though. Before the Seventh Age, Thraxe was once a thriving realm, exploiting rich local natural resources and trading willingly with allies near and far.
Yet despite its wealth, there were those in Thraxe who sought more gold, more riches, more power. The greed of these few is said to be the catalyst for the downfall of the whole nation. For soon after this mysterious period, a massive swamp formed in and around Thraxe and swifter than was natural, the realm sunk down and disappeared.
Recently, however, parts of the old country have been unaccountably re-appearing above ground. Thraxe disappeared with no feasible explanation and no explanation exists for the reappearance either.
All that most people know, is that Thraxe had a lot of wealth and most of it is likely to be still there....
Its been a long, cold hungry winter.
Bereft of luck and short on money, you have been blown far from your homeland in search of honour, gold and glory.
You enter the village of Poggollo, south east of the Thraxian Boglands, just south of the Derch Hills, east of the Dysanian Steppe and to the north of the Twin Cities.
The old kingdom of Thraxia lies to the north.
The lure of lazy lucre just round the corner...

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