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Journey To Thraxia

Log, 10th November, 2015

Journey To Thraxia


A band of adventures (the Naked Party) has cleared out the first layer down of a ruined monastery.

Now, they have decided to focus their treasure-seeking efforts on The Lost City of Thraxia.

This Lost City was in the Caverns hidden in the forest at the far side of a swamp nearby their base in Poggollo.

So, they figured out how to get there and prepared to set off.

They had left 2 of their number, unwell with swamp fever, back in the village of Poggollo.

Norm. one of their number, an MU, had been ill with swamp fever for a while now.

LeggyAss had also gone down with swamp fever more recently.

Meantime, another band of adventures had been attemping to fumigate an abandoned monastery. This had been proving trickier than it sounds.


With Norm and LeggyAss in the local inn, receiving medical help, the rest of the adventurers set off

They had arranged for a local elf guide, Hywyl the Green to take them through the forest.

So they set off with Hywyl, who led them thru a labyrinth of tracks in the swamp to a forest at the other side.

Through the Marsh Maze


The instructions were quite clear from Hywyl:

“Head through the forest due north for about an hour, till you come to a wide tree with red bark” he said “The clearing for the Lost City is nearby”

He went on.

“This ring of birch trees here is our meeting point” he said. “Meet me here at our appointed time and I'll take you back through the swamp. Miss that rendezvous and I'll be here the next day's evening too. Miss that and you take your chances with me being here”

They settled on meeting up in three nights hence – that would give them time to clear out the dungeon and get their booty across the forest.

They set off, due north.

The first part was easy

Soon enough, they saw a wide tree with red bark and gently approached a clearing ahead.

They peered into the clearing. They could see a low pedastal about 100 feet into the clearing, partially obscured by trees.

In Indian file they edged into the clearing and towards the building.

They were just getting the lie of the land when of a sudden they were under attack.

Out from an opening in the low structure poured a group of Gnolls. Behind them a man-like creature waved his arms, as if casting a spell, At the same time, behind them, more Gnolls dropped from the trees.

Before they knew it, a spell went off and washed over them.

It must have been a powerful sleep spell as it affected them all. Bang. All 5 of them asleep.

Next thing they knew they all woke up in a small clearing in a forest, stark naked.

They had been captured, stripped and abandoned someplace in some forest.

Bewildered, they pieced together some rudimentary clothes and headed south.

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