Monday, 8 June 2015

Assassin Hierarchy

The Caliph of Persia agreed that Hassan-I-Sabbah could spread his new Ismaili faith in Persia. But in return, Hassan should pledge to support the Caliph's eldest son Nizar for the Caliphate.
Thus came the first name for Hassan's order....The Naziris.

Hassan cracked on with it and through preaching and gaining converts he got himself a hill fort, Alamut.
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From there via extortion and protection rackets he went from strength to strength.

Anyway, to my point.
Hassan imposed a strict hierarchy on his followers:

  1. The lowest rank were "fidai" meaning devotee and they carried out assassinations for Hassan
  2. Next up were the lay brothers or "lasiq"
  3. Then "rafiq" or companion
  4. And "da'i" or teacher
  5. A group of senior da'i formed Hassan's Inner Circle
  6. Hassan himself, top dog

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