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Chapter 2e- Mission Accomplished

Chapter 2e- Mission Accomplished

Right” this looks like it” said Jade

She nodded at an oilskin bundle under her arm, in the folds of her cloak.

She shook the worst of the water off her hair and warmed her hands up on a lantern.

Lets get out of here, then” said Sir Baltimore.

They got themselves sorted out for travelling once again.

Their arms were a bit sore, what with all the fiddling around with ropes and the like, but they soon flipped into defence mode.

The fighters arranged themselves, covering front and back. The uninjured Goldylox took up the point at the front. They didn't have far to go, but they didn't want to get complacent.

And they were right not to be so.

Halfway out, they attention was drawn to a light-coloured body-shaped form at the far end of The Haunted Room.

is that a spectre?” said Norm the magician.

But before anyone could reply, the real danger made itself apparent.

A huge spider dropped out of the ceiling. It landed on Goldylox' shoulder. But luckily it's fangs failed to penetrate the fighter's plate armour..

But that was it for the eight-legged terror. As it landed and presented itself for attack, Goldylox and Sir Baltimore were on it in a flash. The fanged fiend was dispatched with an uppercut from Goldylox' sword.

But what was that glint in the underside of the spider's abdomen? As Goldylox approached it, he realised someone else hadn't found things quite so easy – this was a dagger, lodged in the spider from a previous attack.

The rest of the team examined the light-coloured body-shaped form that had distracted them initially. This was a silvery-threaded body of a goblin. Likely thing was that the spider had done for the escapee from their earlier encounter. Regardless, the body was duly looted.
Goldylox slays the spider 

Meantime, Goldylox had dug out the dagger from the spider without any unfortunate bursts of poison spurting from its sacs.

He threw the dagger in his backpack and off they went. Out of the dungeon. Back down the causeway and back into the village of Poggollo.

They presented their find - The Artifact, the Hand of St A'Silvdh – to Jarvis, the Village Priest. He looked suitably awe-struck. Jade said wanted to take The Artifact, the Hand of St A'Silvdh, down to the Cathedral at Grocken town as soon as possible. She told Jarvis and the rest of the group that she planned to head off the next day.

They divvied up their cash and sorted out their plans.

Thrilly and Sir Baltimore said they would like to rest a bit and get better.

Dexter, being a cleric, fancied being there for the presentation of The Artifact to The Church.

Goldylox and Leggyass wanted to accompany Jade down to Grocken – there and back in a day.

And that was the way it went.
Jade & Dexter - boxed clever

In the morning, Jade said a tearful goodbye to Jarvis. Then they set off.

Grocken is a big town, on the River Marsoot, which is the main reason for its trade network.

There's an MU College, a Fighting School and a Cathedral. Well, it's not really a cathedral, but its a big church. Plenty of ancillary industries hanging off these places too.

So, down at the big church, they presented themselves before the Bishop. The Bishop looked suitably gracious and accepted the present with suitable decorum. They all stayed for a special lunch and everyone was terribly jolly about everything.

Meantime, Goldylox had been back to see his mentor. He had a look at Goldylox' new dagger and reckoned it was something special. Goldylox had a little gloat to himself and had decided to stay in town.

The rest of the squad headed back up the road.
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