Thursday, 4 June 2015

Dead Gentlemen

I could wax on about this stuff and write proper reviews etc, but I'm probably miles behind y'all in this.

Are an entertaining bunch of people, with an eye for the preposterous and a desire to relay that humour onto film.

The Gamers, 2002

which is funny enough with a good few in-jokes and some excellent plot-twist

Dorkness Rising, 2008

And then onto the more coherent, ambitious and professional

Which holds together throughput to provide a comprehensive vision of what a game looks and feels like, a lot of the time.

Again the plot is good and the twists and turns surprising

Hands of Fate, 2013

this keeps the same core of characters but switches the subject from D&D to Card-based gaming. But they keep the plot tight, the sub-plots are interwoven nicely and the twists are trade-markedly unexpected. Top yarn.


Lots of other stuff too

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