Monday, 8 June 2015

Chapter 4a – Fearless

Chapter 4a – Fearless

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Hello” said the Dwarf to himself “what have they been up to?”

It wasn't every day you saw 4 blokes walking out of a tree-trunk laden with loot.

Well, whatever it was they'd been up to, it didn't look like they could carry any more loot. What if there was more of that loot left inside, that these blokes couldn't carry?

There's times when having a guard dog makes you braver than you would be on your own. This was one of them.

The fearless Dwarf wandered in, with his guard dog Towser, through the tree-trunk down the stairs, over the rope-bridge and around and about.

There were some sparkly looking marbles around, so he picked them up

And, beside a heavily-nailed-closed door, there was a body. Towser barked and snarled at it, But the Dwarf was undeterred and tried to flick the body over with his foot.

Ouch! That stung.

Towser snarled some more.

And then they left, wandering down the hill towards the village.

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