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Boozers in the B Series - Part 2

TSR 9044 B3 - Palace of the Silver Princess

No named tavern

This is a shame, as this picture sells the pub to me. Look at the space between the tables. Look at the head on that pint. What's that bloke at the back doing with his arms? Who's that sleazy looking geezer on the right?

TSR 9049 B4 - The Lost City

No tavern present

TSR 9078 B5 - Horror on the Hill

Meeting at Guido’s Fort
Aha - a pub!
Well, that one's in Dornie where their marketing team have identified a great way to get you to notice their product.

They meet to prepare at the Lion’s Den.

The inn has a large common room filled with many benches and tables, a bar, and a large fireplace, The common room is a smoky, dimly-lit place, and tends to be rather quiet. The inn also has sleeping quarters for rent. One sp per person buys a night’s lodging on a straw pallet in the back room. The quarters are so dirty that characters who sleep here have a 75% chance of becoming flea-infested during the night! (Fleas won’t affect a character’s play; they’re just a temporary nuisance.)
75% chance of becoming flea-infested - super!
At any given time of day or night, 2-12 (2d6) persons can be found in the Lion’s Den. Player characters can learn two of the rumors on the table below from any of these patrons or the innkeeper. For your own information only, the table shows whether the rumors are true or false. To see which two rumors the characters learn, roll 2d8, repeating if necessary until the second roll is different from the first. Note that the players must state they are seeking information before they can begin to hear the rumors.

If the characters express an interest in learning more about The Hill, they are referred to the “Old Timer.” For each cold beer the party buys him, he will divulge another rumor, until they have heard all eight. Note that the Old Timer goes through the rumors randomly (roll a ld8), and although he will not repeat a single rumor twice, he will probably repeat the two rumors that the party has heard elsewhere.
Yes, the Old Timer. An' oil bet he speak in a West Country axxent, haa-haarrr.
Well, the Lion's Den might be a den of iniquity, but at least it's open.
Talking of West Country accents, what about a sea-shanty...

TSR 9086 B6 - The Veiled Society

The Blue Water Mead Hall

The Mead Hall is a bright, clean building. Inside, several sailors in the center of the room strike up a rousing but badly off-key
chorus of a sea chanty. One plays a simple bagpipe at a furious pace. Near them, several men link arms and begin a noisy stepdance.
Their stomps punctuate the ribald wolds of the song. There is much clatter of mugs and talk. The tavern keeper and several potboys whisk through the crowd, slamming down drinks and catching thrown coins.
Near the back are two curtained doorways. A red-haired man sits near the back of the room. If the characters have a description of
Akarios, they recognize him. If it is near evening, the man leaves the room, and goes through one of the curtained doorways. If the
characters approach the man, he springs to his feet and runs for the curtained doorway.
He holds his right arm close to his side.....
Wow! Didn't even have time to get a round in before the action kicked off.

TSR 9115 B7 - Rahasia

No tavern present

TSR 9106 B8 - Journey To The Rock

Has the "friendly town" image that the D&D_Land Tourist Board would be happy with in this "forsaken wilderness"
For weeks, you’ve been looking for adventure in this forsaken wilderness, with nothing much to show for it. It’s autumn now, with winter fast-approaching, and you’ll be in real trouble if you don’t earn some treasure soon.
As you’re finishing breakfast at a cheap inn, a traveler walks into the common room. In a loud voice he says,
Peace be upon you all! I, Hakeem the merchant, seek Hargath Stonehand and his worthy friends!”
If anyone decides to talk to Hakeem, he says,
As I passed through Sylvanhome forest on the way here, I stopped at The Manor, a fine palace owned by the wizard Lirdrium Arkayz. His servant Jenlar Temlin paid me to look for you and deliver his message to you. The wizard needs adventurers to undertake a quest, and he is willing to pay well anyone who answers his call. The letter of his servant explains all. Good day, my friends.”
He lays a scroll on your table, then turns to leave.
Tell the player characters that they have heard local people talking about Jenlar Temlin-he has a reputation as a brave, honorable, and trustworthy fighter. Then give them Jenlar Temlin’s letter and Jenlar Temlin’s map. If the characters follow Hakeem out of the inn, they will see him preparing to ride away on a mule.
If they question him further, he says that he believes Jenlar Temlin and Lirdrium Arkayz to be trustworthy, but he knows nothing else about them.
If player characters ask others (such as tavern patrons or innkeepers) about Jenlar Temlin or Lirdrium Arkayz, they will be told that both are highly respected. Arkayz is a philosopher, sage, and advisor. The characters can get directions to The Manor from anyone they ask.
Helpful kinda people.

TSR 9143 B9- Castle Caldwell and Beyond

No tavern present

TSR 9149 B10 - Nights Dark Terror

the adventuters are hailed by Sergeant
Arthol when they reach the town.
He recommends the Hook and Hatchet Tavern


Inns are very common in Threshold, most streets having at least one.
Inns usually have 1d4x10 patrons and tend to be bustling with activity. The kind of patrons encountered varies with the inn's location - waterfront inns have a high number of stevedors, those near the town hall have a large number of merchants and town guards, and so on.
Each time thc party enters an inn, make a reaction roll check using thc bonus of the character with the highest charisma, to dtermine how the locals react to the party's presence.
Food and drink are available in all inns, hut the quality varies considerably – roll 1d6 a result of 1 means 'terrible': 3-4 are average; 6 is excellent. Rooms are availablc in most inns for 1d10+10sp per. night, and most can also provide stablingat Id4sp per horse per night. Characters booking rooms are provided with a key by the landlord, although, if you wish, some landlords may be dishonest and attempt to steal from the adventurers. In any case, characters should be encouraged to leave bulky items in their rooms since they cannot reasonably carry all their gear ewry time they venture onto the streets. Alteratively, valuables may be deposited at the town hall

The Hook and Hatchet

This is the inn favoured by Sgt. Arthol and most of the guards (when off-duty!). It is located next to the old town wall. It serves 'above average' food (quality - 5) and can provide both rooms (15sp per night) and stabling (2sp per night).
Handy. And more than that, the place functions in classic D&D cliché mode as a recruitment office....

Hiring Retainers

In each inn there is a 10% chance that there will bc 1-2 1st level fighters looking for employment.
So that's the Dragon-fodder sorted then.
Fogor Isle
Fogor Isle is connected to the rest of Threshold by two stone bridges, and serves as the main port and warehousing section of Threshold. Despite the best efforts of the patriarch, the Thieves' Guild still exercise considerable influence here. During the day, the thieves keep a low profile, but after dark, the Isle. is fully under Guild control and no guard patrols dare enter.
The streets and alleys of the isle are dark and dingy. Numerous inns are found here as wcll as various dens of vicc which cater for all manner of interests.
Small groups of characters walking the streets at night are 50% likely to hc accosted by groups of thugs (see below). Even during the day, members of large groups are likely to have thcir pockets picked by a 6-11th level thief.
The residents of Fogor lsle look after their own, and the town guards, if called during the day, only escort characters out of the area, they do not make arrests anymore. The last group to try, never madr it back over Northbridge...
The Good Guys are led here:
Must be the off-season ....

TSR 9260 B11 - Kings Festival

You have arrived at the town of Stallanford, on the Duke’s Road. The town is bustling and busy, with many visitors and merchants’ wagons seeking hostels and stables for horses. This is no ordinary day, for tomorrow is the first day of the King’s Festival!
Karameikos has no king, but this long-held festival honors a great hero of the distant past, King Halav. Long before Karameikos was a nation, King Halav of the Traldar folk fought with his warriors against evil Beast-Men. In a great battle, Halav and the king of the Beast-Men fell, but the evil ones fled and the safety of the humans was ensured.
You’re rather late in arriving, and many folk are asleep. You sniff the pleasing aroma of cooking meat and warm bread, and you make for the tavern, the Hungry Halfling, for a meal and some rest.
The inn is busy, but you find a table right away. The friendly old halfling who owns the hostelry charges 5 silver pieces for dinner, a bed, and breakfast. It’s good value though-the joint of beef you see on the table will fill your stomach after your long journey!
Well that all sounds lovely, especially compared to the dryness of B12.
I wonder what beer they've got on the handpump

TSR 9261 B12 - Queens Harvest (Kings Fst 2)

No tavern present


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