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Chapter 4c – Back in the Night

Chapter 4c – Back in the Night

It was the middle of the night and tired as he was from his journey to the village, Pious still woke up.

There were voices next door. Loud and persistent voices. But before he got a chance to try to figure out what was being said, the chat had broken up, there was a bit of movement and then a knock at the door.

Right you lot. Get your kit. No time for armour. One of you get up to the Inn and get the rest of your team. Meet outside here in 10 minutes” said Jarvis. He seemed to know what he was up to.

So they did as they were told.

In 9 minutes the group assembled and Jarvis spoke to a half-dressed, sleepy-looking squad.

They left Norm behind, still suffering from his fever.

There's some sort of undead creature or creatures romping around at the old Black Farm” he said “It's savaged a bit of local livestock and we're going to have a look at what it is before there's any more trouble”

Then they set off. At a good running pace, too.

They approached the farm and moved quickly into position. Rockall took point and peered in through the open door of the farm, using the light from his special sword to help his eyes. He could see it.

Zombie” he called out.

And soon the “Zombie” was coming out at him. It emerged into the outdoor moonlight. It didnt act like a zombie. A bit faster, more nimble. But it's face was a putrid mass of red sore growth and a similar growth had erupted through its torso. The thing had a chainmail hauberk on too.

Jarvis stepped forward to try to turn it.

Begone spawn of the devil” said Jarvis “I command thee to turn away”

But the creature was having none of it.

Pious stepped forward to try to turn it.

Turn back hellspawn” said Pious and he pushed his cross-symbol forward confidently.

But the creature was having none of it. And pressed forward against the back-pedalling posse.
Rockall, Sir Baltimore and Thrilly stepped into a melee. Swords out, they spanked it quickly, barely giving the thing a chance to strike. But when it did, it's groping claw wasnt on the end of its arm, but emerged as a protuberance from its chest, almost catching Thrilly unprepared.

Soon, however, it lay motionless on the ground.

They had a quick look round to see if there were any more of the things. There didn't appear to be.

But inside the farm, lay the body of Black, the farmer's son. Within the space of a week, his parents had been attacked, they had their family savings stolen and now the heir to the farm had been killed too. What a tragedy.

That looked like that it was that bloke from the gully – Dexter” said Rockall.

You could be right” said Jarvis, “but the scriptures have taught me that we should burn such things, regardless of their prior piety”

And so they did. They very carefully dragged Black's body outside and swiftly assembled a funeral pyre around the bodies.

Pious and Jarvis muttered a prayer and they all stood in the warm glow of a large bonfire until they were sure that all was left was ashes.
Baa BQ

They followed up with a trip up to the fields, armed with more kindling and performed a similar pyro-operation on two sheep, seemingly savaged by the creature.

Job done, they headed back into Poggollo, where a clutch of villagers cheered and raised their pitchforks in the air in acclaim.

They were heroes.

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