Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Chapter 4d – Back to the Monastery Again

Player Character Race Class Notes
Mac Norm Hmn MU Ill with the fever
Jimmy Leggyass Elf MU

Rockall NPC Hmn FM Traders
Bailey NPC Hmn FM Traders

Sid Pious Hmn CC

John Thrilly Dw FM

Marc Sir Baltimore Hmn FM

Once more unto the breech, dear friends” said Sir Baltimore

He didn't know where the words came from, but he felt that the party needed a speech.

They'd had a few days rest, tended to some wounds.

They were local heroes now, having stomped a zombie, quite publicly. This made life more comfortable. Wineskins were proferred in thanks. Beers were bought for them, doors were opened, opportunies arose.

So plenty kudos. But they didn't have much treasure.

Alright then, everyone ready?”

The team set off again for the monastery. They'd done the route a few times before, but even now were nervous about finding the causeway. There was no need to worry, though, as, despite the spookily gloomy mist, they clocked the entrance easily, right down to which blade of grass to stand on.

It was like they'd done this a thousand times.

The new guy, Pious, was impressed.

They opened the double doors at the entrance and proceded down the stairs.

On their first time here, they'd gone straight on at the first crossroads. The next time they went right, to the north.

This time they decided that they'd go to the north again, to see if their buried dead lay undisturbed. It wasnt far.

As they opened the door to the room, they heard a noise from behind them, getting louder, squeeling up the corridor to the back of them.

Giant Rats!” called out Bailey “a pack of them”

He took a high guard, getting the hang of using his new two-handed sword for the first time. He had always used the shorted one-handed sword till now with a shield. He felt vulnerable without the shield.

He swung down with a crunch, accelerating through the neck of the rat. The blade cut through and separated the head from the body. Hmmn, easier than I thought. Maybe I dont need the shield.

Pious standing next to him had similar success and another rat rolled over in writhing death.

But this success masked their lack of attention.

From the other side, from the door they'd just opened a club swung down hard. It crashed into the back of Rockall's head.

Owwee!” he screeched and swung round to face a clutch of skeletons.

Thrilly turned round with him and together they faced down the danger.

Although they were surrounded, their morale held up. The lure of treasure kept their eye fixed firmly on the prize. These monsters were barely small impediments on the road to riches.

Swiftly, the danger was dispatched. Rockall and Thrilly destroyed the three sneaky skeletons in rapid fashion. Bailey split another rat in two, Pious clubbed yet another one. And a Sleep spell from Leggyass took down the last of the rats.

They'd taken a couple of hits, but they were OK.

They wandered in to the room they were going to and picked a path through the rubble to where they'd buried their fallen comrades, last time out. They feared the worst. Dead things didnt necessarily seem to stay dead for long round here. But their graves were still intact.

Pious said a prayer.

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